Make your LinkedIn Ads perform better

B2B marketers use Ambine to improve their ROI of advertising campaigns on LinkedIn Ads. With Ambine, they can automatically optimize budgets, schedule campaigns, uncover insights, and manage ads with ease.

Official LinkedIn Marketing Partner 

What is the ROI of Ambine?

Improved ROAS from LinkedIn Ads

Automated campaign budget optimization pushes your setups to peak performance and efficiency, allowing you to get maximum return on your LinkedIn Ads spend.

120 hours of working time saved annually per advertiser on average

Manually managing campaigns and analyzing data is often time-consuming. Ambine automates daily tasks such as budget optimization and scheduling campaigns for B2B marketers to free time for strategy and creativity.

+35% average uplift in performance

Ambine’s optimization algorithm determines an optimal budget for each campaign daily and reallocates the budget to the best-performing ones improving results, while custom schedules reduce wasted ad spend.


Lightning-fast ad creation (with AI)

Setting up ad creatives and creating ad copy takes up most of the time in campaign management. Ad Creator with the AI assistant allows you to cut the time spent on ad creation and ad copy to a fraction and easily push many ads to your LinkedIn campaigns.

Optimal budget allocation – automated

Create optimization groups from multiple campaigns to automatically and effectively allocate budget across multiple LinkedIn Ads campaigns. Automated campaign budget optimization pushes your setups to peak performance and efficiency.

Minimize wasted ad spend with schedules

Create your weekly pausing configuration in Ambine Scheduler. Ambine automatically pauses and enables campaigns according to the selected schedule. Creating custom schedules and flighting for your LinkedIn Ads campaigns reduces wasted ad spend.

UTM tag management made simple

Dynamic tag values are a pain to fill in manually. This is where the Ambine tag manager helps you out a lot! Create tag templates to specify how you want to use UTM tags with your LinkedIn ad landing pages.

Get the critical information at a glance

Don’t hassle with manual excel sheets and the LinkedIn reporting interface. Get all the campaign data you need from Ambine. The intuitive UI pinpoints your attention to what matters the most.

Our customers  

We have been using Ambine for a year now at Avidly. Our cooperation began by increasing the efficiency of digital programmatic advertising. Through the positive results, we also decided to expand the usage of Ambine for LinkedIn advertising. Ambine has become an equally important tool in both channels.

The main benefit we have received from Ambine is better allocation of budgets, which has freed up our time to focus on other aspects of improving our clients' marketing actions. In LinkedIn, the most improvements have been obtained in multi-market campaigns, in which Ambine has helped pinpoint the budgets to the markets with the best conversions. Also, the scheduling tool Ambine offers has helped us easily omit advertising from, e.g., weekends, thus saving both manual work and our clients' media budgets.
Janne Lemmetyinen
Digital Marketing Team Lead, Avidly Finland


Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about Ambine or if there are any burning questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!