AI and automation to unlock your full programmatic potential

Automated optimization – supercharged analytics – autonomous workflows


Ambine is the new member of your digital marketing team

Ambine automates your programmatic advertising workflows and improves performance. Our proprietary AI takes care of your budget optimization by reallocating your budgets daily. Integrating Ambine to your Adform DSP is straightforward. Using the features is a breeze through our user-friendly web application, and we offer flexible pricing options.


Unlock your full programmatic potential


Increase your team’s efficiency through automation

Ambine automates the tedious manual analysis and budget reallocation, freeing up time for creative, strategic and complex tasks, where we humans excel.

Up to 20% work time saved

Supercharge your advertising analytics and insights

Digging up the whys and hows of your advertising setup improvements is best to be left to AI and automated analytics. Ambine helps you uncover recommendations and suggestions for an even better setup.


Improve your programmatic advertising results

At its core, Ambine uses algorithmic budget optimization to squeeze more performance out of your digital marketing activities, automatically.

+30% more conversions on average


Ambine increased campaign site traffic by 30% – case Savings Bank Finland

Up to 60% increase in advertising conversions – meta-analysis of Ambine across 21 advertisers


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