Lightning-fast ad creation assisted with AI

Ad Creator allows you to easily create, duplicate, and assign new ads to multiple LinkedIn Ads campaigns at the same time. The AI assistant can help you with ad copy creation and versioning.

Scale your ad creation (with AI)

Streamlined ad creation

No more jumping between different campaigns when creating new ads for multiple campaigns. Ad Creator allows you to create all your ads for all your LinkedIn campaigns simultaneously. 

Improved campaign results

Experimenting with different creatives contributes a significant impact on campaign results. Ad Creator with AI allows you to easily create and experiment with new ads.

Save your valuable time

Creating good ad copy and setting up ad creatives takes up a lot of time in campaign management. You can cut the time spent on creating ad copy and ad creation to a fraction using Ad Creator with AI.

Using Ambine's Ad Creator with AI has saved us a lot of time creating good ad copy variations. We have also used the variations on our Meta campaigns!

Hjalte Bach
Digital Marketing Team Lead, Learningbank

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