New Feature Launch: Campaign Health Monitors



Our latest feature – Ambine Campaign Health Monitor – tackles the challenge of campaign performance tracking and finding the sweet spots for improvement.

Programmatic advertising is a treasure trove of tactics, options, and settings to fulfill a wide variety of advertising needs. However, complexity often leads to difficulties: How do I know the situation with my campaigns? Where do I find the culprits of bad performance? Do I need to design a custom report for everything?

The challenge

Ambine Campaign Health Monitor is an easy-to-use web app to help your daily work with programmatic campaigns in Adform’s DSP.

The core element is a health monitor: a power-pack of algorithm-backed analytics to monitor a connected campaign. You can simultaneously track two KPIs and set your targets, selecting from conversions, clicks, viewable impressions, and video views.

The health monitors provide you with a birds-eye view of your campaigns, showing you overall performance and delivery-focused health signals. Everything in green? Good! Something dropping down to yellows and reds? Let’s see what it is about.

With the insights section of a health monitor, you can drill deeper into the details. Ambine’s algorithm automatically collects insights about the most probable culprits of poor performance and the all-star performers across five important ad dimensions:

  • Banner sizes,
  • Domains,
  • Inventory sources,
  • Deals,
  • Line items

Taking action where it matters the most has never been easier!

Client success at the forefront

Our first clients are already using the Ambine Campaign Health monitor. Based on their feedback, we continuously improve the user experience to make it even more flexible and effortless.

One of our clients actively uses health monitors to track campaign status across a complex multi-campaign structure. They focus their time more efficiently when Ambine takes care of pinpointing the problematic campaigns.

Another client has found the automatically generated insights especially useful.

With the analysis of the health monitor, they discovered that they have been using inventories with sub-par performance that should have been removed and replaced a long time ago.

How to get started?

Want to streamline your buying process with Ambine Campaign Health Monitor? We have made it super easy: book a demo meeting to get a two-week free trial of the product.

Integrating with your Adform account is simple with our single sign-on integration. We have built the product to suit a broad range of advertisers: large and small, agencies and in-house, B2C and B2B, burst campaigns, and always-on. Get started with Ambine by signing up here.

PS. Have you already heard of our automated budget optimization tool?

Working perfectly in sync with the health monitors, our automated budget optimization takes the wheel to allocate the optimal budget for each programmatic line item to improve your performance, 30% on average in our case studies.