Ambine joins the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program! 

With Ambine’s integration to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, B2B marketers can run more cost-efficient campaigns with automated optimization on LinkedIn.

HELSINKI – March 22, 2023. Ambine, the go-to tool for B2B advertisers looking to boost ROI from LinkedIn Ads, has joined the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program. Ambine’s integration allows customers to optimize budgets automatically, schedule campaigns, uncover insights, and manage ads with ease on LinkedIn, improving results and saving time for more creativity and strategy.    

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with more than 900 million members in more than 200 countries worldwide, helping B2B marketers to reach and engage their audiences with the right message at the right time to achieve their marketing objectives. The LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program is a global community of LinkedIn-approved technology and service providers that help companies find trusted partners to accomplish those marketing objectives on LinkedIn.

We are thrilled that Ambine has joined the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program. Our clients and we love LinkedIn advertising, so this relationship is a win-win for all of us.

With LinkedIn, the most improvements have been obtained in multi-market campaigns, in which Ambine has helped pinpoint the budgets to the markets with the best conversions.

For Ambine’s customers, this integration adds significant value to their LinkedIn advertising. Creating and managing robust B2B campaigns on LinkedIn becomes easy as Ambine reduces the time spent on post-launch optimization of budget allocation. Based on our case studies, Ambine boosts the results by an average of +35% compared to campaigns without Ambine optimization. Dynamically allocating an optimal budget to campaigns based on their performance maintains the setups at peak performance.

In addition to automatic budget optimization, Ambine offers automated scheduling tools to manage day-parting and weekday pausing for campaigns. B2B advertisers typically see significant variance in audience engagement between different times of the week. Ambine scheduler allows effortless efficiency boost by focusing impact on the times when it matters the most.

Using the excellent APIs and developer tools offered by LinkedIn, we continuously develop better features and new tools to improve our customers’ daily workflows further.

The LinkedIn ecosystem is a treasure-trove of diverse businesses and use cases for which to develop tools. We have already identified the importance of automatic budget allocation and built a robust, algorithmic solution to support our clients. Joining the LinkedIn Marketing Partner program expands our avenues for new feature development within the ecosystem.

About Ambine
Hailing from Finland,
Ambine is a robust, multi-functional solution for B2B marketers looking to optimize budgets automatically, schedule campaigns, uncover insights, and manage ads with ease. Ambine’s intuitive user interface, armed with powerful algorithms, improves efficiency and saves time for more strategic initiatives.

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