Ambine year 2022 in numbers 


The year 2022 was a big one for us at Ambine. In March 2022, we launched our first feature for LinkedIn Ads, and throughout the year, we enabled better results for a growing number of LinkedIn Ads clients. We want to thank all our clients and partners for a fantastic year and celebrate our mutual success!

LinkedIn Ads is one of a kind in the global media space. The business oriented social media offers unique possibilities for companies to reach their target decision-makers with pinpoint accuracy. Ambine wanted to be part of the story, and so we developed our first feature for LinkedIn Ads advertisers on our platform. 

Our budget portfolio optimization provides increased performance and time savings with little need for manual work.

Following our success with the budget optimization tool, we set our sights on additional functionalities we could provide on top of LinkedIn Ads. As an example, the Ambine scheduler and upcoming creative management tools further remove bottlenecks from the everyday work of LinkedIn advertisers. In addition to the development work, we are ramping up our cooperation with LinkedIn to even better serve LinkedIn advertisers in the near future.

The big numbers 

In 2022, Ambine was used across ten different markets and nearly 150 advertisers. In total, ca. 4M € worth of media investments were optimized through our platform. Over 3000 advertising campaigns in LinkedIn Ads and Adform Flow DSP were optimized with an average of 1450 optimization actions per campaign.

Across all optimized campaigns and KPIs, Ambine was able to increase performance by an average of +35%. In addition, the automation of such actions saved an estimated 120 hours of work per advertiser for our clients throughout the year.

How much better, you ask?

The total average uplift of +35% is something to be incredibly proud of on its own. However, for different KPIs Ambine supports, it gets even better. The most common KPI to be optimized on Ambine was conversions. Across all conversion optimized actions, the average uplift was +37%, while for traffic, the uplift was +39%.

An e-com retail client increased their year-round retargeting activities’ conversions by +41%, while a client in the financial sector enjoyed an equally hefty +40% increase in their always-on advertising.

Brand-oriented advertising is usually a tough nut to crack for optimization solutions. Still, Ambine provided a +36% uplift in impressions and +22% in video views for our brand advertising clients.

A client in the financial sector saw +57% in their impressions and +37% in video views by using Ambine while keeping their media budget the same.

What was the secret ingredient?

There are as many set-ups used with Ambine as we have clients – each business has its own quirks. In general, Ambine optimization groups with slightly more campaigns and budgets as well as a sufficiently long run-time had the best success.

In terms of an average optimization group, in the year 2022, it looked like this: Four campaigns with a total of 2800€ media budget were run and optimized for 15 days. Converted to daily budget, each campaign had an average of 47€ per day.

Optimization groups reaching performance uplifts of over 50% usually had more than eight campaigns running and were optimized for multiple months.

What’s next?

We are busy building our next blockbuster features for LinkedIn Ads and looking at releases over the coming months. Besides product development, we are also partnering more closely with LinkedIn to serve LinkedIn advertisers even better in the near future. Stay tuned for more! Meanwhile, we are expanding our market footprint and providing easier and more efficient campaign management for a growing number of clients.

Ambine is a Helsinki, Finland-based Adtech SaaS platform focusing on LinkedIn Ads and Adform Flow DSP campaign management and optimization.

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