Engage your LinkedIn Ads audience at the right time with Ambine Scheduler



Dayparting is an essential method for engaging with your LinkedIn Ads audiences efficiently. Whether you want to pause your campaigns for the weekend or concentrate your executive content on the juicy Sunday spot, the Ambine Scheduler tool for LinkedIn Ads allows you to create a customized weekly schedule for your campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads has made it possible to pinpoint the exact decision-makers your business wants to reach. Accurate ad targeting based on a wide selection of demographics is essential for efficient B2B marketing. One thing, however, gets easily overlooked: when is the correct time to push out those ads and engage with your target audience?


For target audiences, LinkedIn is yet another social media that competes for attention amongst other platforms. The context of when users interact with LinkedIn might make or break the purpose of ads. Seeing an exciting report or a lucrative product demo offer at the wrong time – during a relaxed weekend browse of LinkedIn, for example – may go unnoticed.

Ambine has developed a solution for automatically dayparting your LinkedIn Ads with our Scheduler tool for LinkedIn Ads. With the tool, you can set weekly schedules determining the time when a campaign is supposed to run and when it is paused. The schedules are highly customizable, allowing you to create a setup suitable for each campaign and use case.

Proper dayparting and scheduling are prohibitively expensive without automation, as all pausing and activation must be done manually. Ambine Scheduler tool for LinkedIn Ads allows you to do everything in a fully automated fashion with ease. The value comes through more efficient ad spend, as you can run your ads only when they are highly relevant to your audiences.

One of the most typical use cases is to pause campaigns for the weekend. This applies especially to ads designed to drive action – lead generation, conversions, newsletter subscriptions, or consume content on your website. A user in a “weekend mode” will easily skip anything that requires them to turn to a business mindset.


The behavior, of course, depends on the target audience. Many executives and more senior audience members might save their research to the more relaxed days of the week, Thursdays through Sundays. In contrast, the early week is spent strictly managing the urgent business. With the tool, you can create custom schedules for different needs, such as an “executive” schedule that would turn the ads on only during the second half of the week.

If you are in the HR industry or recruiting new talent is your goal, a schedule geared towards the end of the week also makes sense. Many people are hesitant to engage with job postings during their work week, focusing on them only during the weekend.

One more use case has to do with hyper-targeted content. Having a different message for busy work days and another one for the weekend is an excellent way to improve the relevance of your ads. This means that campaigns serving these time-targeted ads have to be on separate schedules: one for weekdays and another for weekends.

We at Ambine are committed to continuously improving our product and its features. The best way to get there is for us to listen to our customers and the LinkedIn Ads community in general. Let us know your optimal ad scheduling setup, and we will ensure you can achieve that with our tool.

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