Part 1: How to optimize Linkedin Ads budget with Ambine


Ambine’s budget optimization for Linkedin Ads delivers improved overall results by reallocating budget across selected campaigns based on performance and capability to spend their assigned budgets. We’ve outlined a few potential use cases below as guidance and inspiration!

Are you looking for pure performance?

Ambine is, first and foremost, a tool for increasing the impact and outcome of digital advertising campaigns. In the context of LinkedIn, here are some examples of typical use cases and setups that are especially suited for pure, undiluted performance marketing activities:

Most LinkedIn advertisers use multiple ad formats in their campaigns, such as single image ads, carousel ads, text ads, or videos. Since only one format can be used for a campaign, advertisers will need to create multiple campaigns within the same campaign group to use multiple ad formats. Ambine will analyze each campaign’s performance and format and allocate the budget to prioritize campaigns with the best results, generating immediate gains in performance.

Also, as LinkedIn takes its core service’s user experience seriously – all sponsored content on LinkedIn must match the users’ language setting. For advertisers looking to localize their campaigns and creatives in multi-lingual markets, this means creating and managing multiple activities. In practice, you must select a profile language during setup and create ads with the corresponding language for the campaign to be approved and ultimately for it to run.

As a result, if you’d like to run a campaign in Europe and expand your reach and improve effectiveness by having multiple language versions – it means creating multiple campaigns. This is where Ambine shines again by automatically optimizing budgets across all the different variations and making sure you’re maximizing the output of your marketing push.

Are you testing hypotheses and automating experimentation?

While increased performance is the primary goal of our budget optimization algorithm, Ambine can also be used to bring adjacent value and insights. Many LinkedIn advertisers may have uncertainties about their most valuable and profitable target audiences, most interesting products or services, or their best creatives.

Ambine quickly transforms into a testing tool for LinkedIn Ads. Instead of building a single campaign with a massive audience, split it into more meaningful sub-categories and leverage Ambine’s optimization to ensure performance and budget allocation stays optimal. A few simple examples of parameters and categories to test include:

  • Campaigns with differing job seniority and title selections: Who’s more likely to convert, the manager or the specialist?
  • Highlighting different products or services in your portfolio: Which products or services resonate the most with your target audience
  • Experimenting with multiple creative formats: Which format produces the best outcome for your campaign?


Since Ambine’s budget optimization is prioritizing budget allocation to the most performant campaigns at the same time as the information about each campaigns’ success accumulates, you don’t need to waste media budget on failed tests anymore.

What is Ambine for Linkedin Ads?

Ambine optimizes budget within what we call optimization groups. You will add multiple campaigns into an optimization group and set a goal KPI (website visits, conversions, or engagement).

The budgets of the added campaigns form a budget pool which our algorithm allocates across the campaigns in the group. The budget is reallocated based on our algorithm’s analysis of the performance and spending of the campaigns every day. The algorithm’s goal is to generate as many clicks, conversions, or engagement – based on your selected KPI – as possible within the given budget pool.

Ambine offers opportunities to manage robust campaign entities efficiently, experiment with new ideas, or simplify the management of an extensive portfolio of simultaneously running campaigns.

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