How much can Ambine boost your campaign performance?

Ambine is a SaaS product built for optimizing programmatic advertising by automating budget allocation. Ambine currently integrates with Adform’s demand-side platform.

We love telling the world how Ambine can bring a substantial uplift to your programmatic campaign conversions. But how substantial? On average, 30%, says our most recent and by far the widest meta-analysis on Ambine’s performance.

Who has the time to tweak programmatic budgets by hand regularly, not to mention daily? Probably no one, as budget optimization can be an incredibly tedious task. Still, great optimization potential lies in budget allocations. This is why we develop the AI-driven software tool Ambine: to do the mind-numbing but so worthwhile tasks on your behalf. Ambine tracks your programmatic line items’ performance and works relentlessly to keep your budget allocations smart throughout the campaign. This is a big promise – here is the data to back up our claims.

What we did

To uncover the effects Ambine has had on our clients’ campaigns, we analyzed nine months’ worth of data. The 20+ advertisers represented in the data cover a wide range of industries, including retail, B2B, and the energy sector, to mention a few. Ambine works well in different industries, and with varying campaign objectives, the tool provides a variety of optimization goals to choose from. Whether you have a tactical campaign to drive sales or a branded campaign to lift awareness, Ambine conforms to your needs.

Remarkable results

The most used optimization goal is cost-per-action (CPA). In our dataset, over half of the advertisers used CPA as their primary optimization metric. With the CPA goal, Ambine aims to increase conversions and is excellent for tactical campaigns and retargeting. Our study revealed the average advertiser experienced a whopping 37% increase in conversions.

More than a third of the advertisers used cost-per-click (CPC). CPC optimization is great for prospecting and driving new visitors to a website, so Ambine builds affordable site traffic. The average client had a 25% increase, meaning they got many fresh pairs of eyes to check out their offering.

For campaigns that want to drum up lots of attention, Ambine offers an alternative to optimize viewable impressions. In this case, the tool shifts the budget to line items that get the best viewability for the same spend. Even though not nearly as commonly used as the other two optimization goals, the results were similarly praiseworthy, with an average increase of 27%.

As expected, there was some variability between advertisers based on what they wanted to do exactly. But what we are very excited about is that this meta-analysis provides concrete evidence that Ambine brings substantial improvements to your campaigns.

If you want to learn more about our meta-analysis of Ambine or how the tool can bring real value to you and your clients, please get in touch!

Ambine infobox meta analysis

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