Programmatic video advertising optimization with Ambine - CPCV now available!


New optimization metric: CPCV

Before moving on to working on our next, larger development item, providing deeper insights and analytics about your programmatic campaigns, we’ve just rolled out a new optimization metric for Ambine’s intelligent budget allocation: Video Completions.

Ambine’s optimization algorithm now supports optimizing your programmatic video line items in Adform towards video completions – i.e., video views to 100% completion – to make a lasting imprint in the minds of your prospective customers, grow the awareness and consideration of your brand, and offering.

Video advertising optimization in detail

As video advertising is becoming more and more ubiquitous, available inventory is constantly growing, and connected TV (CTV) is becoming more popular; we wanted to accommodate this trend by enabling advertisers and agencies to improve their performance video advertising efforts further.

Ambine’s algorithm optimizes your programmatic video line items’ budget to generate as many video completions as possible, thus decreasing the combined cost per completed video view (CPCV) across all video line items running in a campaign. As video advertising often commands a higher CPM price, continuous optimization is crucial in generating optimal results from your campaigns. Ambine ensures that line items that are driving the most video views are allocated more budget, and as a whole, your campaign results.

Through completed video views, Ambine’s offering expands to enable more brand-oriented campaigns and advertisers to optimize further their programmatic efforts running on Adform’s demand-side platform. Additionally, with the existing optimization metrics, clicks, conversions, and viewable impressions, Ambine’s intelligent budget optimization becomes even more robust!

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