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Whether you are starting a new advertising campaign on LinkedIn or beefing up existing campaigns, you will need to create engaging ads to succeed in your marketing goals. Setting up ads in LinkedIn Campaign Manager can be an exhausting process. We built Ambine Ad Creator to make setting up new ads and assigning them to your campaigns as easy as possible.

A Step-by-Step Comparison with LinkedIn Campaign Manager

First, you will need to plan your ads. To which campaigns you are creating ads for, what ad format you are using, what is the media and finally what copy texts you are using. This step of the process is very much the same regardless of using either Ambine or LinkedIn.  

Now that the plan is ready, you can start creating the ads. In LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you will first need to navigate to the correct campaign, go to the edit mode and create a new ad for that campaign. In Ambine however, you can create ads for multiple campaigns at the same time. So, you will just select the correct campaigns in an easy drop-down menu. Ambine asks you to also select the ad format and offers you a filtered list of campaigns with matching format.  

Next, you will need to input the necessary information for the ad – Ad name, introductory text, headline, description, URL, CTA, and media. In Ambine, you can design multiple ads at the same time and also fine-tune the campaign assignment for each of the ads. Typically, some of the information of the ads are shared – e.g., URL or introductory text. Ambine allows you to clone ads with a click of a button, after which you can edit just the fields that are different for each ad design.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager requires you to start over the whole ad creation process for each individual ad, even if they are exactly the same but just for different campaigns. Cloning/duplicating an ad is often not viable, as LinkedIn does not create a unique copy of the ad but only a reference to the same ad. This makes it impossible to make any campaign-specific edits to the ads later, e.g., unique UTM tags.  

Once you are happy with the ad designs, you will need to save the ads. In LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you will save each ad one by one after designing them. In Ambine Ad Creator, you can review all the ad designs you made, check which campaigns you assigned for each ad, and once you are happy with your selections, you can save the ads to LinkedIn all at once.  

All the extra navigation, clicking and saving you must do in LinkedIn Campaign Manager compared to Ambine Ad Creation saves you a significant amount of working time and reduces the risk of mistakes.

Why Creating Multiple Ads is Important?

Do not settle for the bare minimum in terms of ad designs and variations. LinkedIn recommends you to have at least 5 creatives in each campaign. The main benefits of having multiple ads are ad fatigue reduction and optimized creative performance. You can more safely increase the frequency of your ads without tiring your audiences with the exact same ad design when you have more ads running within the same campaign. LinkedIn optimized creative delivery helps you find the ad design that engages your audiences the best.  

We are introducing an ad copy assistant to the Ambine Ad Creator during Q2 of 2023, using the power of GPT4 large language model. With the assistant, you can easily create compelling variations of your existing ads, figure out a new ad copy by describing your use case, product, or service, and your target audience to the assistant as well as generate ad copies based on website content. This will revolutionize your copywriting workflow, enable more ad testing, and improve performance. Learn more about it

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Ambine is a Helsinki, Finland-based Adtech SaaS platform focusing on LinkedIn Ads and Adform Flow DSP campaign management and optimization.

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