Ambine's Ultimate LinkedIn Ads Campaign Planning template



Planning LinkedIn advertising campaigns is a pretty structured task. You have to calculate budgets, determine schedules, think about targeting (geographically and audience-wise), create ads, and ensure consistent naming in your (Google) web analytics. 

Some things you might document, some things you do while setting up campaigns, or you jump around multiple different spreadsheets or tools. All of this takes time and is (let’s face it) frustrating and inconsistent, and it might result in mistakes. 

To make things simpler, quicker, and, most importantly, consistent, we’ve created a template for planning LinkedIn Ads campaigns that cover the most critical tasks. Document all your campaign groups, campaigns, creatives, and landing page URLs in a single Google Sheets workbook. 

Ambine's ultimate campaign planning template


Ambine’s ultimate LinkedIn Ads campaign planner template is designed to help you plan and execute better, more efficient activities.

What’s included in the template?

On the first sheet, you can input all your campaign groups as per the campaign structure on LinkedIn Ads. 

The second sheet has everything required for planning campaigns inside those campaign groups. The logic follows LinkedIn Ads’ campaign manager with objectives, ad format, languages, and so forth.

On the third sheet, you can mock up your ads’ content, from titles to CTA’s to the final destination URL. 

The fourth, the UTM parameter sheet, helps you automatically create tracking parameters for Google Analytics, so you’ll also have a robust and structured way of following data on Google Analytics. 

As cherries on top, we have a simple visualization tool for campaign schedules and a simple budget calculator to help you estimate results and the budget required to achieve your goals.

How to use the template effectively.

The sheets are arranged to be filled out in order – starting from the campaign groups.

We’ve added small notes to the header cells to help you use the template efficiently. Some columns are locked to make sure formulas won’t break. If you want to make your custom template – let us know!

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve the template further, don’t hesitate to drop us an email!

Happy planning,

Team Ambine

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