The year 2021 in numbers – and what 2022 will bring to the table at Ambine


Ambine’s first year wrapped up

Our first year in business was a success – big thanks go to all our clients and partners for supporting an up-and-coming growth company! Nearly 5M€ worth of media budget flowed through our Ambine budget optimization tool for an average +33% improvement in performance.

2021 started with a bang – Ambine was launched in January 2021 after countless hours dedicated to building a state-of-the-art budget optimization solution for programmatic advertising. During our first year in business, we reached a sizable portfolio of satisfied clients using our SaaS platform to unlock their full programmatic performance. Seventy-six different advertisers across ten markets around the globe used Ambine.

Ambine’s budget optimization tool integrates with the advertiser’s DSP platform. It optimizes media budget allocation across user-selected tactics to achieve better performance – whether it’s conversions, video completions, viewability, or site traffic.

This automatic optimization frees up time for strategic initiatives and creative work. Our tool managed over 2500 programmatic line items – advertising tactics with different targeting, context, creative, inventory, and other settings. A total of ca. 5M€ media cost flowed through our algorithms and resulted in a total of over 90 000 individual budgeting changes. These are impressive numbers, and they prove the scalability and robustness of our platform.


What’s next?

In terms of performance, the year 2021 was also a success. Across all our clients and their optimization groups, an average of 33% increase in their respective goal KPIs was measured. The two most common goal KPIs were website conversions and site traffic. However, over the year, we saw increased attention to our branding-oriented KPIs – viewable impressions and video/audio completions.

While our focus in 2021 was on our first integrated platform Adform DSP, we have listened to and acknowledged our clients’ need for a broader selection of integrations. We are proud to announce that during Q1 of this year, we are releasing Ambine budget optimization for LinkedIn Ads.

Offering a unique combination of premium media and unparalleled B2B audience targeting data, LinkedIn Ads was our first selection to increase value for our existing and new clients. Ambine budget optimization for LinkedIn provides increased efficiency and value without the overhead of increased working time or lengthy integration projects.

If you are interested in participating in our ongoing beta for LinkedIn Ads budget optimization, book a meeting here or contact our sales at Stay tuned!