Enhance results with automated budget allocation for Linkedin Ads and Adform's DSP

Ambine’s technology automates the budget allocation of your Adform or Linkedin Ads campaigns. Harness the power of machine learning to keep your budgets at an optimal level.


Better performance & improved delivery with automated budget optimization


Optimal budget allocation - automated.

Our algorithm determines an optimal budget for each activity daily and reallocates the budget to the best performing activities. Supported optimization metrics are conversions, clicks, engagement, leads, ROAS, video completions & viewable impressions.


Save hours of manual optimization work.

Manual campaign management and data analysis is often a time-consuming task. Ambine automates budget allocation to free time for more strategic initiatives and creativity.


Leverage the power of portfolio optimization.

Create & manage robust campaigns without increasing the time spent on post-launch optimization as Ambine takes care daily budget allocation tasks.


Effortless platform integration.

Using a simple single sign-on process, you'll have your ad account connected with Ambine in seconds.


Simple and transparent pricing.

Ambine's pricing scales with the volume of your advertising spend with cost effective tiers for customers of different sizes.


Try Ambine for 14 days, completely free.

Ambine’s budget optimization in a nutshell

1. Set up your campaigns in Adform or LinkedIn.
2. Select campaigns to optimize with Ambine.
3. Our algorithm processes campaigns' performance data.
4. New, optimized budgets are set each day.



Success stories from our customers

Ambine increased campaign site traffic by 30% – case Savings Bank Finland

“Utilizing Ambine has improved efficiency, as we’ve eliminated the need for manual optimization and are now able to use automation to enhance our advertising.”

Digital Marketing Manager, Savings Bank Finland.

Ambine streamlined processes and improved programmatic performance by 55% – case Storytel

“With Ambine, I both saved time and got better performance out of my line items.

I can definitely recommend Ambine if you are running several line items with differing strategies and buying algorithms under a single campaign.”

Marketing Manager, Storytel.


A world of better campaign results awaits

We’ll walk you through the platform’s benefits, demo, trial details, and available pricing options.