CASE STUDY: Optimization at scale – Avidly Agency


Executive Summary

The leading marketing communications agency Avidly has been employing Ambine budget optimization tool across a variety of 15 advertiser clients on LinkedIn Ads and Adform Flow DSP.

Using Ambine has resulted in a total uplift of 16% in campaign performance. In optimal conditions – three or more weeks of optimization and good optimization potential – the average performance uplift was +47%

Key points

  • Ambine optimization was applied across many types of campaigns, KPIs, and client verticals. Channels: LinkedIn Ads & Adform Flow DSP. 
  • A total uplift of 16% in performance through ca. 4500 individual budget optimization actions during a period of 11 months.  
  • On average, +47% uplift for optimization periods more than three weeks in length and optimal campaigns structure. 
  • Delivery improved significantly – highly important for agencies. 

About Avidly 

  • 300+ experts working across seven countries and 18 offices, including the Nordic countries, Germany, UK and Canada.
  • Marketing communications and inbound business agency and leading HubSpot partner.

The challenge

Digital marketing agencies often face a common challenge: how to run impactful marketing campaigns at scale with limited human resources. Our client, Avidly, is a Nordic agency operating in 7 markets through 18 offices, providing industry-leading performance and impact. They have been using Ambine to achieve a higher level of automation in campaign management across a multitude of their advertiser clients.

Their challenge coincided with most agencies. Serving a variety of advertisers working in different verticals and different scale entails a large human investment into strategic planning and know-how. However, a large portion of the time they spend with their clients goes into daily campaign management and optimization.

Here is what Janne Lemmetyinen, Digital Marketing Team Lead at Avidly Finland, says about our cooperation:

“We have been using Ambine for a year now at Avidly. Our cooperation began by increasing the efficiency of digital programmatic advertising. Through the positive results, we also decided to expand the usage of Ambine for LinkedIn advertising. Ambine has become an equally important tool in both channels.

The main benefit we have received from Ambine is better allocation of budgets, which has freed up our time to focus on other aspects of improving our clients' marketing actions. In LinkedIn, the most improvements have been obtained in multi-market campaigns, in which Ambine has helped pinpoint the budgets to the markets with the best conversions. Also, the scheduling tool Ambine offers has helped us easily omit advertising from, e.g., weekends, thus saving both manual work and our clients' media budgets.”

Optimization at scale

Ambine is a SaaS platform for optimizing media budget across different tactics, among other things, and offers integrations for Adform Flow DSP & LinkedIn Ads. With Avidly, we applied Ambine’s intelligent budget optimization across 15 different advertisers to increase total campaign performance and save working time from daily optimization on both LinkedIn and Adform advertising.

Over a period of 11 months from the end of 2021 until today, Ambine has been optimizing budget allocations for nearly 250 LinkedIn Ads campaigns or Adform Flow line items, making sure that budget goes towards the most performant tactics while also optimizing campaign pacing to reach 100% delivery. Nearly 4500 individual budget changes have been completed automatically by Ambine.

Add performance, not overhead

While Ambine shines especially in larger campaign setups and “always-on” activities, in this case, the tool was used with a slightly different context. There were also short-term campaigns and smaller budgets, which meant that gaining quick results and staying on 100% budget delivery was paramount. The cooperation has been a success in this regard. Despite an average optimization period of only three weeks, the total improvement of 16% is an excellent result. Optimization cases with less than one week of uninterrupted optimization, the increase in performance was 8% on average. If the optimization period was longer, at three or more weeks, the average uplift was 20%.

Campaigns and optimization period length is only one factor that affected the optimization capability of Ambine. In terms of optimization potential, a setup with enough variability in the underlying campaigns or line items allows Ambine to perform even better than our average results in this case study. 

If the setup was optimal, the average uplift was +35% for optimization periods less than one week and +47% for three or more weeks of optimization.

In addition, budget delivery was improved drastically, reducing underspending. In 80% of the optimization cases, underspending was reduced to a minimum or improved by 50% on average. In a quarter of the cases underspending was mitigated completely. The improvement in delivery also increased the impact of the activities optimized by Ambine.

The large number of different activities Ambine was used for also meant that we had to make sure the use of Ambine would not become an additional burden. The intuitive and easy-to-use user interface of Ambine enabled our colleagues at Avidly to apply Ambine to their clients’ campaigns quickly and without adding overhead to their working practices. The Ambine Health monitor for Adform also made monitoring easier for ongoing campaigns.

Avidly is a Nordic marketing communications agency operating in 7 markets through 18 offices. Avidly employs over 300+ marketing experts.

Ambine is a Helsinki, Finland-based Adtech SaaS platform focusing on LinkedIn Ads and Adform Flow DSP campaign management and optimization.

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