How Paiger improved their LinkedIn Ads performance using Ambine

Executive Summary

Paiger, a leading software platform that makes recruiters smarter and faster, conducted a trial with Ambine to address their challenges with LinkedIn Ads.  
Ambine’s Intelligent Budget Optimization feature helped Paiger to significantly improve engagement performance, with results increasing from +40% to +68%, and Ambine Scheduler helped omit wasted ad spend from non-efficient days. Active monitoring and adding new campaigns mid-optimization helped Paiger achieve even better results without increasing media spend. Paiger’s calculated ROI of 7.2 from the trial with Ambine was impressive. 
After the trial, Paiger has continued to use different Ambine features like Ad Creator, Scheduler, and Budget Optimization, and Ambine is now an essential part of their LinkedIn advertising processes.

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Key points

  • In all three optimization groups that ran throughout the trial, Paiger got significant performance improvements from a +40% to a +68% increase in total engagement. 
  • The time required to run granular campaigns would have been too time-consuming for Paiger to do manually by themselves. With Ambine, they were able to automate this and use these timesaving to test new tactics with their campaigns and focus more on strategic work.
  • Paiger’s calculated ROI from the trial with Ambine was impressive, 7.2.
  • Ambine is now an essential part of Paiger’s LinkedIn advertising processes.


There were two main challenges Paiger wanted to solve: optimizing campaigns at scale while keeping the workload manageable and experimenting with different tactics to understand what resonates with different target personas.  
To address the challenges, Paiger conducted a trial with Ambine to see if those challenges could be solved. With Ambine’s Intelligent Budget Optimization, they achieved significant improvements in performance by optimizing campaigns daily without worrying about the workload becoming unmanageable. This allowed Paiger to focus on other important tasks and avoid the pitfalls of manual optimization, such as missed optimization opportunities and inefficient use of time and budget. Ambine was also used as a testing tool for the experimentation challenge by adding new campaigns to the optimization groups to experiment with different tactics and understand what resonated with different personas. With this approach, Paiger could learn what was working and what was not and further refine their campaigns. Overall, Ambine helped solve both of their main challenges with LinkedIn Ads.


The trial results of Paiger’s use of Ambine for their LinkedIn Ads were impressive. Paiger had seven budget optimization groups during the two-week trial, with three groups running the entire trial.  

All three optimization groups experienced significant improvements in engagement performance compared to what would have happened without Ambine’s budget optimization. Results increased from +40% to +68%, with an average improvement of 54% in total engagement. Ambine’s Intelligent Budget Optimization feature allowed Paiger to achieve better results without increasing media spend, thus saving significant costs. 

Active monitoring, daily optimization, and adding new campaigns mid-optimization helped Paiger achieve even better results. Ambine identified the most effective tactics and prioritized the budget for the best-performing campaigns. This approach ensured Paiger could get the most out of their ad spend. 

Overall, the trial results demonstrated the power of Ambine’s Intelligent Budget Optimization feature in improving campaign performance and achieving better results without significant increases in media spend. The calculated ROI of Ambine for Paiger was an impressive 7.2, demonstrating the value of Ambine for businesses looking to optimize and manage their LinkedIn advertising. 
After a great trial, Paiger decided to continue using Ambine, which has become an essential part of their processes. Paiger has actively used features like Ad Creator with AI to scale their ad creation, UTM tag templates to manage their UTMs, Scheduler to omit budget from non-efficient days, and budget optimization to improve campaign performance and budget usage.

Cost per Engagement development in Optimization Group 1.

Optimization group 2 Cost per Engagement development.

Cost per Engagement development in Optimization Group 2.

Optimization group 3 Cost per Click development.

Cost per click development in Optimization Group 3.

It’s not physically possible for us to do all the budget optimization by ourselves, but with Ambine’s budget optimization, we were able to do just that!
Kieron from Paiger
Kieron Mayers
Head of Marketing, Paiger