Get started with Ambine within minutes!

Getting started with Ambine is quick and simple. Start by either creating an account yourself or booking a short, introductory call with our specialists.


Choose the best option for you

Free trial

During the free, one-month trial of Ambine, you’ll have unlimited access to the platform, and you’ll be able to try out all the features in peace. Our specialists are at your disposal to set up the account, come up with a testing plan, and analyze the trial’s results. For pricing options after the free trial, please see our pricing.

Planning & onboarding call

Our specialists will walk you through the product’s features in the planning and onboarding call, have a short discussion on your programmatic advertising setup, distinguish any potential roadblocks, and recommend an optimal approach to get started with Ambine. Click the button below to book a demo!


Creating an account and starting out with Ambine



You can sign up for the free trial at any point. However, please note the following points: 

  • You will need to have admin access to your Adform DSP account to complete the integration.
  • You’ll need at least one campaign with programmatic line items. To truly see value from Ambine’s automated budget optimization, you should have at least 3 programmatic line items within a single insertion order for our algorithm to be as efficient as possible. ​

  • The line items should have an individual total budget, even pacing, and the same end date and delivery schedules. Please contact us if you want to go through your setup together!



You can create an account and sign up for the trial here. ​Provide us with a few details and set a secure password for your account, and you’ll be ready to go.

After registration, you will be able to log in to your account. We recommend for all new users click through the product’s minitour to get acquainted with the features, get help connecting your Adform account to Ambine, and set up your first optimization groups!


Adform authentication & group creation

Once you’ve gotten through the basics and viewed the minitour, you’re ready to connect your Adform account to Ambine!

  • Authenticate your Adform account under “my account” and give your team members access to Ambine under ”Users.”
  • Optimization group creation starts on the main page by clicking the “Create a new group” – button.
  • Once the group is created, you’ll be able to view the group’s performance and edit the settings at your pleasure. 
  • Get more information from the “Help”-section or by contacting us under ”Support.”