Automated insights & recommendations for programmatic campaigns.

Ambine’s health monitor for Adform uncovers the best performing dimensions of your programmatic campaigns, and highlights potential issues – automatically.


Find insights to improve programmatic campaign performance instantly


Make sure you're hitting campaign objectives.

Set primary and secondary objectives for your campaigns, and let Ambine's algorithms to analyze your campaign's performance and whether you're reaching your objectives.


Don't waste time on troubleshooting.

Campaign health monitors highlight poorly performing aspects of your campaigns. Automated insights cover creatives, domains, line items, inventory sources and deals.


Actionable insights instead of raw data.

Manually scouring through row after row of reporting data is extremely time-consuming, and honestly, not that enjoyable. Ambine surfaces new insights from your campaigns automatically, every day.


One-click integration to Adform

Using Adform's single sign-on, you'll have your DSP connected with Ambine in seconds.


Simple and transparent pricing

You only pay for what you use – Ambine's pricing scales with the size of your advertising activities with cost effective tiers for small and large accounts.


Try Ambine for 14 days, completely free.



Actionable insights at your disposal in 24 hours

1. Set up a campaign in Adform.
2. Set targets & create a health monitor in Ambine.
3. See insights generated by Ambine's algorithm.
4. Implement changes to improve results.


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