A flexible pricing model that adapts to your needs.

No credit card required to get started, and a free trial available for all new customers. Take your time, get comfortable, validate Ambine’s benefits and performance before committing. 


Flexible & tailored packages

Our pricing is based on the ad spend flowing through Ambine and the extent you wish to utilize it for optimizing your campaigns running in Adform and/or LinkedIn. We offer monthly and annual contracts. Drop us a note, and we’ll tailor an offer just for you!

We want to offer you the opportunity to experience Ambine & validate its benefits through our free trial.

Starting from

300 Monthly
  • Single advertiser
  • Ad spend up to 5000€
  • Consultation: 1h

* Prices do not include VAT.


Our pricing FAQ


How is ad spend calculated?

We only consider the ad spend within your optimization groups, not the total spend of your advertising activities in Adform.  


What if my ad spend changes each month?

Your billing tier adjusts automatically based on your advertising spend each month. 


How many advertisers can I use Ambine for?

Pricing is currently calculated for a single advertiser (or brand). If you’re an agency and managing campaigns for several brands, we are more than happy to tailor a suitable package for you.


How does the free trial work?

You’ll receive an unlimited amount of actions for a trial period of at least 14 days. We recommend running an extensive test to determine which tier is the best one for you during this time. Don’t worry about running out of time; we’ll extend the trial if need be.


How many campaigns can I run? 

There’s no absolute limit to campaigns you can optimize with Ambine. However, the number of line items you wish to optimize with Ambine is the main determining factor as actions are calculated on line item-level.


Can I make changes to my plan?

Definitely! You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan by contacting Ambine’s support. 

If you change your plan in the middle of a billing cycle, the newly selected plan will come into effect at the beginning of the next month.


Would you like a  pricing solution tailored to your needs?

Book a time below. We’d love to walk you through all available options!