Improve performance.
Find insights.
Save time.

Take your digital advertising to new heights with Ambine’s advanced analytics and budget optimization capabilities for Linkedin Ads & Adform’s demand-side platform. 

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Accelerate growth with automated analytics & optimization


Improve campaign performance

Leverage Ambine's automated budget optimization & campaign monitoring to ensure your campaigns on Adform and LinkedIn Ads are performing at their peak.


Uncover new insights effortlessly

Let Ambine's algorithms analyze your programmatic campaign data to surface insights and provide suggestions on how to extract even more value from your programmatic activities. Available for Adform.


Streamline workflows and save time

Analyzing and managing campaigns manually is tedious and time-consuming. Ambine leverages automation to free time for more strategic and creative tasks.

How does Ambine work?

Budget optimization

Enhance the results of your paid social and programmatic campaigns with Ambine’s algorithm-powered, intelligent budget allocation for campaigns running on LinkedIn Ads or Adform’s DSP.


Campaign health monitor

Automated analytics, troubleshooting & debugging. Get insights & recommendations for programmatic campaigns running on Adform’s DSP.


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Success stories from our customers

Ambine increased campaign site traffic by 30% – case Savings Bank Finland

“Utilizing Ambine has improved efficiency, as we’ve eliminated the need for manual optimization and are now able to use automation to enhance our advertising.”

Digital Marketing Manager, Savings Bank Finland.

Ambine streamlined processes and improved programmatic performance by 55% – case Storytel

“With Ambine, I both saved time and got better performance out of my line items.

I can definitely recommend Ambine if you are running several line items with differing strategies and buying algorithms under a single campaign.”

Marketing Manager, Storytel.


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