Ambine is the new member of your programmatic team, adding a new layer of optimization and analytics on top of your Adform setup.


Ambine increased campaign site traffic by 30% – case Savings Bank Finland

“Utilizing Ambine has improved efficiency, as we’ve eliminated the need for manual optimization and are now able to use automation to enhance our advertising.”

Digital Marketing Manager, Savings Bank Finland.

Up to 60% increase in advertising conversions – meta-analysis of Ambine across 21 advertisers

To uncover the effects Ambine has had on our clients’ campaigns, we analyzed nine months’ worth of data.

The 21 advertisers cover a wide range of industries, including retail, B2B, and the energy sector, to mention a few.


Ready to boost your programmatic efforts in a matter of minutes


Automatic budget optimization on a daily basis

Set up budget optimization groups on your account with just a few clicks and Ambine will adjust your media investments every day for better performance , +30% more conversions on average!


Intuitive and sleek user interface with at glance results

Use Ambine through our web app with a sleek and easy-to-use interface. Checking your results and setting up optimization is a breeze.


Proprietary and advanced algorithms

Ambine combines expertise from digital marketing to machine learning and data science resulting in creative and effective algorithms to provide the best possible results.


Simple and scalable pricing

You only pay for what you use – Ambine's pricing scales with the size of your advertising activities with cost effective tiers for small and large accounts.


Easy integration to your programmatic advertising platform

Connect your DSP in seconds with just a single log in. Currently integrated with Adform's DSP.


Caught your attention? Try Ambine for 30 days, completely free.


How it works? 5 steps in the cycle

Ambine site elements PRODUCT CONTENT


A simple and secure user experience for a modern marketer


Secure and snappy

Ambine follows a privacy-by-design methodology as it does not process or store sensitive user data from the ad platforms. Our services run on secure European Union Google Cloud servers providing a secure and fast experience.


User friendly and customizable

We take user experience seriously – let us know which features you'd like to see or how we could tailor Ambine to fit your business and reach your objectives.


Forward looking and future proofed

We are continously looking for the next trends in programmatic advertising and researching new features to keep our customers ahead of the curve.